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Great Lite International 2018新聞

Great Lite International, a subsidiary company of Cheer Time Group (3229.TW), recently signed an experimental contract with Taipei City Government to deploy Smart City Kiosk in XinYi district. The Smart City Kiosk features versatile software and hardware applications that makes the kiosk with abundant public services. The kiosk will deliver useful and in- depth information for nearby shops and sightseeing points actively to tourist that passing by. City Government intend to create business opportunity for those shops by this public data service.

The Kiosk has double side 42”LCD display and one 10”touch screen for interactive operation. Kiosk can display multi media advertisement to attract gaze from people. Free high band width Wi-Fi service is also available from the kiosk. Push to Talk button will connect the kiosk to nearby Police Station that help to ensure woman’s safety in the midnight.

Great Lite International will deploy 4 kiosks in the initial stage in the most popular area in XinYi district including Shandi Avenue Square, Nan Shan Breeze and ATT 4 FUN. We expect to expand the installation base to 300 kiosks that all connected to a central managed cloud platform - VSP platform. All advertisement and interactive data will be analyzed in the platform and extract useful information to the government for reference. With this smart data foal point in the city, we can foresee Taipei will become a smarter and tourist friendly city soon.




光明遠大初期將佈署4個示範點於高人潮流量的區域路段,包括香堤大道廣場、ATT 4 Fun、南山微風等指標性商城週邊,未來預計擴點50至300處定點連網的智慧型多媒體資訊站,這項計畫搭載光明遠大VSP雲存儲平台,可以有效整合各項服務資訊並匯集到雲端資料庫,除了幫助市民避免當下緊急狀況,也可做為追蹤長期追蹤改善的有效資料,成為市府施政及商業應用的重要評估資訊。


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